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Sodium Hyaluronate Cosmetics Grade

Sodium Hyaluronate is so water -friendly and it has functions of the best moisturizing factor and prevents diseases such as skin infections by preventing the penetration of external substances such as bacteria . Therefore, it is regarded as an ideal “ natural moisturizer’ factor and widely used in cosmetics that suitable for different skins , climates and environments.

Humectants commonly used in cosmetics are glycerol , sorbitol ,sodium PCA and so on.

Above experiments show that Sodium Hyaluronate has the highest moisture absorption at low relative humidity (33%) while the lowest at high relative humidity (75%). Its unique moisturizing properties that high moisture absorption at low relative humidity and low moisture absorption at high relative humidity enable it can maintain relative adequate moisture of the skin and hair .And also can meet the requirements of the skin different seasons and different environment humidity.

Product application

Type MW range Function
Hight MWSodium Hyaluronate   >1600 k Da Formation of dense protective film, long -lasting moisturizing, and good recovering effect.
Medium MW Sodium Hyaluronate 200 k Da ~ 1600 k Da Good moisturizing and lubricity effect, slow release and stable emulsification effect.
Low MWSodium Hyaluronate 10 k Da ~ 200k Da Skin nutrition effect and lasting moisture effect.
Micro Sodium Hyaluronate  < 10 k Da Percutaneous absorption, deep moisturizing, anti-aging and recovery effect after sunburn.

Product efficiency

1 . Long -lasting moisturizing

Sodium Hyaluronate cosmetics grade had strong permeability ,it can be absorbed through skin and arises hydration with  epidermal cells rapidly . So that it can lock water and replenish water deeply ,and improve the moisture content of skin.

2, Tender skin

It can form a layer of breathable fil on the surface of the skin after applied Sodium Hyaluronate cosmetics grade to the skin, And  it can reduce the roughness of skin surface ,so that the skin has a good gentle sense . Also , this file can prevent skin moisture evaporation and maintain the luster and softness of the skin lastingly.

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