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Sodium Hyaluronate 1% Solution


1. Super water -holding capacity can maintain the moisture content of the skin effectively . Sodium Hyaluronate molecules contain a large number of carboxyl and hydroxyl groups, which can form hydrogen bonds with water and combine with a large amount of water , so that the skin full of moist , luster and flexibility.

2. Replenish the skin nutrition quickly so that the skin can renew supple and smooth instantly . Besides , Sodium Hyaluronate can remove the active oxygen free radicals generated by sun’s ultraviolent radiation in the epidermis , to protect the skin.

3. Optimize the supporting structure of the cell , prevent and repair skin damage , and smooth fine lines.

4. Make skin firm and elastic , prevent skin relaxation, and promote blood circulation of skin. Formulating Preparation
Raw materials : Sodium Hyaluronate Power , 0.2-1% Antibacterial Agent ,Purified Water .
Tools: Measuring Pot , Stir Bar (High temperature sterilization or Antibacterial sterilization for 15 minutes is required.)

Formulating step

1.  Add 100ml purified water (not mineral water )to the measuring cup.

2. put 1g sodium Hyaluronate power into the cup ,and the mixing process need to be  sterile  evenly.

3. Join Antibacterial Agent ,8 drops per 100ml solution .

4.  Rest for 24 hours till into clear and transparent solution, Sodium hyaluronate  solution is completed.


Sodium Hyaluronate 1% solution cannot be used on the skin directly ,must be diluted before use. You can try different concentration according to the personal feel, the environment and different skin. The higher the concentration ,the greater the viscosity.

Usage Method

1. Low molecular weight solution is better when as moisturizing essence.
2. Can be mixed with lotion ,essence ,cream , moisturizing effect is better.
3. Can be added to hair lotion and body lotion.
4. Can be used before facial mask.
5. For set make usage.

Recommended Usage

As toner: 1ml Sodium hyaluronate solution and 9 ml hydrosol , mixed and dissolved ,come to toner ,can be facial mask with mask paper and also can always spray water during the day, have a better moisturizing effect than water alone.

As essence: 2ml Sodium Hyaluronate solution and 8 ml hydrosol, mixed and dissolved ,use before cream or lotion.

Around 1%-3% : much more viscous ,mixed use with hydrating Essence and other skin care products ,such as put one drop in lotion and cream.
Less than 1%: Be used as emollient water directly.


1.Pay attention to sanitation . Dissolved water must use pure water or distilled water, please don’t use tap water . All tools and containers must be cleaned and disinfected before use .

2.Sodium Hyaluronate solution without Antibacterial Agent can be kept for half a month in cold storage while one year in room temperature preservation with Antibacterial Agent.

3.Sodium Hyaluronate is a kind of biological polysaccharide . Please try to use up once dissolved if there’s remaining liquid , please add preservatives and keep it in cryopreservation.

4.Sodium Hyaluronate solution can not be used with cationic surfactant and cationic preservatives in order to avoid turbidity or precipitation reaction.

5.Sodium Hyaluronate power is easy to absorb moisture ,the product should be sealed and stored at the dark , dark ,dry , low temperature (2-10 C) place .

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