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Y-poly glutamic acid

Product introduction

γ-polyglutamic acid (γ-polyglutamic acid, referred to as γ-PGA) by L-glutamic acid through the formation of a γ-amide bond of poly amino acid compounds, is a microbial Bacillus subtilis fermentation to form water-soluble anionic polymer.  It has excellent water solubility, super absorbability and biodegradability. The degradation product is pollution-free glutamic acid.  It can be used as water retaining agent, heavy metal ion adsorbent, flocculant, sustained-release agent and drug carrier, etc. It is widely used in agricultural planting, soil treatment, environmental protection, food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries.

Product structure

Product features

Hydrophilic water retention: polyglutamic acid can absorb itself 1500 times of water molecules, keep water and nutrients in the effective distribution of soil, promote crop absorption, reduce water evaporation and leakage, and can inhibit the rapid decomposition and loss of water and fertilizer components, directly reduce the amount of fertilizer and water application of more than 20%.

Fertilizer saving and efficiency increasing: PGA long chain has a large number of free negative electric carboxyl groups, which has a strong adsorption capacity for positive nutrient ions.  Its adsorption and exchange capacity is about 100 times that of natural soil, which reduces nutrient leaching and volatilization, enriches medium and micro nutrients such as N, P, K, Ca and Mg, and improves the nutrient supply capacity of soil.

Soil improvement: improve the water retention, water permeability and air permeability of soil.  At the same time, polyglutamic acid contains a large number of carboxyl groups and amino groups, which can buffer the acid-base change caused by hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions, balance the soil acid-base value, and avoid the acid soil quality and soil plate formation caused by long-term use of chemical fertilizers.

Enhance stress tolerance: polyglutamate can stimulate the growth of plant root hair and root growth, thus improving the ability of the root to absorb nutrients.  In the environment of drought and flood and low temperature, it can effectively ensure the normal absorption of water and nutrients.

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