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Food Grade Sodium hyaluronate

Product Description

The content of hyaluronic acid in the human body is about 15g and it plays an important role in the physiological activities of the body , If positioning the relative content of hyaluronic acid in the infancy body to 100%, and at the age of 30,50.60, it reduces to 65%,45% and 65% respectively . Conservation function of skin weakens along with hyaluronic acid content decreases and then skin come to rough and wrinkles appears. Decrease of the content in other tissues and organs can lead to arthritis, arteriosclerosis, pulse disorder and brain atrophy. It will cause Alzheimer disease if hyaluronic acid in the human body reduces too early.

The oral Sodium Hyaluronate can support hyaluronic acid levels in the body. It can help people have full energy and youthful vigor. Besides , oral Sodium Hyaluronate is useful in maintaining skin elasticity by moisturizing the skin from the dermis to epidermis. Sodium Hyaluronate is also an impressive pain reliever. It can help people ease the injury of joints, especially their knees. Sodium Hyaluronate along with other ingredients can make tablets ,capsules and oral solution which are good for skin care and joints care.

product Application

Application Type Molecular Wright Suggested Application
Ordinary Food Materials 800kDa -1200kDa

(Other molecular weight range can be customized according to customer requirements)

Dink, jelly ,milk, etc
Healthy Food Materials Tablets ,capsules and oral solution, along with other ingredients including collagen, vitamins, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, and plant extracts.
Energy Drinks Oral solution ,beverage , etc.


Test items Glucuronic acid Sodium hyaluronate PH(0.1% Water Solution) Light transmittance Loss on  drying
Standard ≥44.5% ≥92.0% 6.0~8.0 ≥99.0% ≤10.0%
Test items Intrinsic viscosity Mean relative molecular weight Bulk density Tap density Protein
Standard Actual values Actual values Actual values Actual values 0.1%
Test items Residue on ignition Heavy metal (Pb) Arsenic Bacteria


Molds & Yeast
Standard ≤20% ≤10 ppm ≤2 ppm, ≤100CFU/g ≤50 CFU/g
Test items Colibacillus  Staphylococcus aureus Salmonella bacteria
Standard Negative    Negative          Negative

Product efficiency

1. Helps to promote facial skin health, improve skin moisture and antioxidation Supplement hyaluronic acid that lapsed from human’s body ,and then enhance the water -holding capacity of the skin, soften the stratum corneum, so it plays an important role in improving skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles, At the same time of moisturizing effect , it also is a kind of good penetration enhancer.

2. Lubricating joint
Hyaluronic acid is a major component of organism synovial fluid ,its good viscoelasticity and lubricity can reduce joint pressure and wear when body move . Research show that hyaluronic acid and the peptide and glycopeptide i n synovial fluid play the important role of lubrication together.

3. Retard the aging of human organs and tissues due to the decrease of HA The content of hyaluronic acid is highest in human embryos, and it reduces gradually with age increases after birth. The content of hyaluronic acid is also different with different people even at the same age. Hyaluronic acid in Alzheimer’s disease patients reduces significantly, and shows many symptoms of aging. Oral Sodium Hyaluronate can supplement hyaluronic acid of organs and tissues , so that it plays an important role of preventing aging and prolonging life.

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