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Cationic sodium Hyaluronate

Product Description

The most prominent property of HA PLUS is its unique moisture retention effect. Due to its an-ion functional groups like carboxyl, this molecule normally carries negative charges, while generally the surfaces of human hair and skin are also negatively charged. When using hyaluronic acid to treat hairs, these two are mutually repulsed since they both are negatively charged. Therefore, generally, hyaluronic acid is hard to adsorb on the surface of hair or skin. Therefore, cationic hyaluronic acid is a new product developed based on the hyaluronic acid. Besides the high moisturizing property and high viscoelasticity same as the hyaluronic acid, it also has good adsorbability and affinity. Therefore, when applied to hair cleaning and care products as well as cleaning cosmetics, it can directly be adsorbed on the hair and skin to maintain a moisturizing status, and is not easy to be washed away by running water when flushing. When added to skin care products, it brings a fresh skin touch without a sticky feeling, as well as good ductility when being applied. It can make the skin more moisturized, shiny and brighten the skin tone after use.
The synergistic effect of cationic polymers increases the retention of sodium hyaluronate on the skin and scalp, while the addition of hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate with lower molecular weight enables the formulation system to effectively reduce the irritation caused by surfactants and protect and enhance the barrier function of the skin. This product has been widely used in hair care, bath, face cleaning, makeup removal and other washing products.

Main application scope

(1) Hair cleaning and care products: shampoo , hair conditioner, hair mask, hair care agents, etc.

(2) Cleaning cosmetics: facial cleanser, cleansing cream, cleansing foam, cleansing soap, shower gel, etc.

(3) Skin care products: UV protection product, lotion, skin emulsion, essence, toner, etc.

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